Science - Change

Learning Intention: I am learning that things are made from different materials and why.

Success Criteria: I am able to say what something is made from and why.

Noah, you successfully created clothing with Nathan from paper. You were able to explain why paper is not
the best material for clothing, especially after sitting down. Well done.

CARE - Excellence

Learning Intention: I am learning to show excellence.

Success Criteria: I will show excellence through doing my best.

Noah, you showed excellence during Discovery when you kept trying when a
task was challenging. Well done.

PE - Run, Jump, Throw

Learning Intention: I am learning to jump and land using my arms and legs go higher and further.

Success Criteria: I can jump from one space to another, taking off on either one or both feet and landing on both feet. I can use my arms and bend my knees to help me spring forward.


Learning Intention: We are learning to use active thinking.

Success Criteria: My buddy and I will dig a tunnel for cars in the sand, leaving a bridge over the top for the trucks.

Well done Noah, you and Alvin successfully dug a tunnel for cars, and the truck was able to drive over the top.

Term 4 Writing Sample - Fun with my Family

Learning Intention: I am learning to write about a topic.

Success Criteria: I am able to write about a time when I did something fun with my family.

Term 4 Numeracy

Learning Intention: I am learning to order numbers to 20.

Success Criteria: I will know the numbers before and after up to 20.

Noah, your enthusiasm for mathematics is fabulous. You really enjoy problem solving and figuring our where numbers go. Well done.

Term 4 Reading

Learning Intention: I am learning to find chunks in words and say the sound.

Success Criteria: When I come to a word I'm not sure of, I find chunks in the word that I can work out,
then put it all together.

Noah, you have put so much effort in improving your reading. You should be very proud of yourself. You are able to find small words in bigger words. Well done.

Writing - Using Describing Words

I have been learning to use describing words to make my writing more interesting.


We are learning to: Match 1:1
Success Criteria: I can point to each word as I read it. 


We are learning to: hypothesise what a book is about
Success criteria: I can talk about the cover of a book